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Marriage is an adventure, so why not start it with one?

Make your wedding as unique as your love with Blue Butterfly.  


La Fortuna Wedding PlannerExchange your vows under the canopy of a sacred tree of life, at the base of a roaring waterfall, on the banks of a winding river, or in a natural amphitheater— some with the majestic Arenal volcano backdrop. Simple and down-to-earth, or elaborate and whimsical. Just the two of you, or surrounded by family and friends. Any combination is possible. What matters is making your moment—yours.  

Our job, from the moment we start planning your special day, is to support and guide you to create an authentic experience that you (and your guests) will never forget. Taking our cues from nature, we craft wedding and elopement ceremonies that honor your love in every detail. There is nothing typical about a Blue Butterfly event; we do fun, different, and memorable, working with you to make your vision a reality. We go local as much as possible, without sacrificing luxurious details. We get adventurous—without losing comfort. We cut the unnecessary to get to the heart of what this day is really about.   

A big bonus of of a destination wedding is that it can have a truly positive impact on the world. You can offer your guests meaningful memories, as well as new skills and experiences that will stay in their hearts long after a traditional “wedding favor.” Make your guests’ trip more interactive and transformative with gifts like salsa lessons, thrilling adventures, or cooking classes (impress your friends with homemade tortillas for years to come). Or treat them to an opportunity to connect to nature or with themselves in a more deep and profound way. These are experiences they will never forget! We also encourage our clients to find ways to give back to the local community while in Costa Rica. The whole wedding party receives so much by helping in some way. As marriage is the ultimate connection, we invite you to connect meaningfully with each other, as well as with the beautiful nature and people of Costa Rica, while you’re here. 



La Fortuna Wedding PlannerBlue Butterfly is here to keep the stress at bay and guide you through each and every option, without overwhelming you. I’ll present the pros and cons of each decision, and hold space for you to choose what truly feels best for you. Then, on your actual day, I’ll be there to keep you grounded and ensure that everything goes smoothly. 


Considering an elopement? Let’s talk about it! I love the pureness and simplicity of elopements, and feel it is the ultimate expression of the joining of two lives. In fact, I personally chose this option. Maybe you’re on a budget, have a complicated family or friends, or simply don’t like the spotlight. Maybe you just want to focus on the meaningful connection between two souls, without any extras. With elopements, we avoid the expensive, competitive, complicated stuff and help you keep things simple and personal. It’s a rare, beautiful thing to celebrate your love in this way, and for me it is a true honor to support you. It can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. We will be there as your guide and friend to make sure everything is perfect, hold your bouquet, adjust your dress for photos, or remind you to stay present and enjoy your day. (Later, you’ll have a portfolio of professional photos to share the experience with friends and loved ones.)


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